Danger Mouse celebrates the release of ROME with a pop up coffee shop in Sydney

In a digital age where music is produced, consumed and discarded in the blink of an eye, the new album Rome from legendary producer and musician Danger Mouse is brilliant anachronism: a defiantly analogue album that took five years to perfect and has been made to pass the test of time.

And combining the modernity of digital sharing with the social experience of having a coffee and listening to great music with friends is the driving point behind a Sydney-based pop up coffee shop that will celebrate the release of the new album Rome.

Sydneysiders will have the perfect opportunity to be among the first to hear the new album within the unique setting of a pop-up coffee shop in the gorgeous Surry Hills laneway location. And best of all, if they are one of the first 50 people to check into the venue via Facebook Places or Foursquare they will receive a free Republica coffee to enjoy with friends!

Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse) and Daniele Luppi met in Los Angeles in 2004. United by their shared passion for classic Italian film music, they decided to create something special. After an intense songwriting period – writing separately at first, and then together as the songs evolved – they traveled to Rome in October 2006. Luppi made some calls and they assembled the original musicians from films such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West. Most of the musicians were in their seventies and hadn’t worked together for several decades.

Burton and Luppi scoured Rome for vintage equipment, using bottles of wine as payment. Every effort was made to replicate the recording practices of the 1960s/70s golden age, recording live and straight to tape, with overdubs but no electronics, computers, 21st-century effects or studio trickery. “The studio was a beautiful thing,” says Luppi. “It sits underneath a neo-classical church and is carved out of an ancient catacomb. The space is huge. It has an echo chamber and a room full of vintage tapes. The vibe is really inspiring.”

The next step was finding two lead vocalists who could do justice to the songs – spots which of course were perfectly filled by veterans Jack White and Norah Jones. What eventuated was an ambitious work with a uniquely modern sound that has been achieved through traditional, vintage processes. It is, above all, a fully realized album, perfectly formed and hauntingly beautiful.

Welcome to Rome.

The first 50 people to check in via Facebook Places or Foursquare on Friday May 13, Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15 between 9am – 11am at The Winery Laneway (at 285A Crown Street, Surry Hills) will receive a free cup of Republica coffee to enjoy whilst listening to the Rome album streaming in full.