EMI Music and Microsoft Illustrate The Beauty Of The Web with HTML5

EMI Music Australia today rolls out a web based music game in the new web format of HTML5, which allows a richer user experience and graphic capabilities. The viral game, entitled Way Out Wars, represents a very different tool for music discovery. Game players are rewarded for their music recognition skills with discounts on EMI’s multi label retail store, The In Song.

Play Way Out Wars now here: http://www.theinsong.com/wayoutwars/ **Please note you will need to be using a modern browser.**

Today also marks the launch of IE9, Microsoft’s latest version of the world’s most used browser. Internet Explorer 9 is designed to bring sites front and centre through Windows 7, enabling a more immersive and beautiful web. As the only browser with fully hardware-accelerated HTML5 as well as a rapid evolution of applications, Internet Explorer 9 enables faster, more visually compelling web experiences –as well as richer digital music experiences demonstrated by the likes of Way Out Wars.

Commented Microsoft web developer Michael Kordahi: “Never before has there been a time in the web industry where so many developers can achieve this level of native-feeling rich apps. What makes the game unique is that it not only delivers against a consumer need by bringing richer, faster and more playful interactive music experiences, but it also satisfies a business need by enabling people to discover more music.”

For more information on IE9, head to Beauty Of The Web.com.

The game, named after EMI’s company blog The In Sound From Way Out, was built in conjunction with leading digital agency Hyro and is being showcased globally by Microsoft as one of the best early uses of HTML5, and related browser, Internet Explorer 9.

Roddy Campbell, Director, New Channel Development at EMI Music, said: “Whilst this game is essentially a bit of fun, it also represents our ongoing aim of harnessing new standards in software and hardware to provide a richer music consumption experience. With exciting emerging platforms such as HTML5, as well as the rapid evolution of devices, we are expecting a flurry of new digital music experiences. Just don’t ask us where the flying space chickens came from…”

We encourage all music fans to play the game and see if they can get to the highest rank of BBQ King!