Gorillaz Go Ape For Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft approached Gorillaz, the world famous animated band who are signed to EMI’s Parlophone Records, to ask them to develop an online experience that showcases the potential of the web when viewed through Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

The Gorillaz’ design team, Zombie Flesh Eaters, have taken advantage of HTML5 and the new features Internet Explorer 9 Beta provides to create a stunning new web experience for Gorillaz fans as showcased in Murdoc Niccal’s Club Room (gorillaz.com/club-room) and across Gorillaz.com. Microsoft is also featuring this web content on its specially designed microsite beautyoftheweb.co.uk.

The relationship between Gorillaz and Microsoft was facilitated by EMI Music’s UK brand partnership team alongside marketing agency Artizan Entertainment and Microsoft’s UK Consumer PR agency, 3 Monkeys Communications.

Commenting on the partnership, Gorillaz said: “Of course those clever bods at Microsoft came to us Gorillaz first with their new Internet Explorer 9 Beta technology. And it works like magic – our website now pushes past the boundaries for visual speed and our fans will be able to interact with us better than ever before. Gorillaz.com through Internet Explorer 9 Beta- it’s like a Wizard’s Portal!”

Paul Davies, Director of Marketing Communications, Consumer & Online Microsoft UK added: “We’re delighted to have partnered with one of the world’s best selling animated bands. Gorillaz are breaking down technology barriers and represent everything that’s great about innovation. We believe this Beta launch marks a new era in the history of the web – viewing these new websites with Internet Explorer 9 Beta is like watching TV in high definition for the first time. By unlocking content on the web, we will be making browsing and enjoying content a richer, more immersive experience.”

Rafael McDonnell, EMI Music’s Senior Vice President for Brand Partnerships, Licensing & Synchronization – Europe said: “Gorillaz are renowned around the world for their innovation in music, visual concepts and animation. This partnership with Microsoft showcases Gorillaz’ creativity and innovation and is a great example of how artists, music and brands can work together in partnership. The new Internet Explorer 9 Beta is the perfect platform to showcase this new online Gorillaz experience.”

Microsoft will officially launch Internet Explorer 9 once the testing of the Beta version has been completed but the Beta is available now with all of its brand new features.