Tara Carter

Consumer Marketing Manager

Tara Carter hails from the midwest US-of-A, where she developed a taste for crunchy peanut butter, NPR, Wilco, & Sufjan Stevens. On the job, she runs album projects from studio to ARIA after party like a tightly oiled (but highly air-conditioned) machine. In her free time she concocts nefarious schemes to turn stoner rock fans on to alt-country tunes, makes exceptionally good guacamole and margaritas, and whips our butts in the City 2 Surf. If you’re reading this from NYC, don’t forget to post her care package today please.

Lisa Spunner

Consumer Marketing Manager

Having fulfilled a lifelong dream of meeting the extraordinary Damon Albarn on the Gorillaz Plastic Beach tour, Lisa Spunner continues to develop and execute marketing plans for some of the biggest and best artists in Australia and the world with utmost precision.

With Miami Horror, The Cat Empire, Keith Urban, Gorillaz, Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, Beastie Boys, and more under her wing, Lisa still finds time for 6am yoga sessions, music festivals, island holidays, charity work, and plenty of party time. A tireless and unflappable wonder of the modern world.

Mark Holland

A&R Representative / Scout

Mark Holland (AKA Miami Holland ) raids the net, gig listings, and your personal music collection tirelessly to deliver the undiscovered talent of Australia to the nation’s headphones. When not haunting sweaty gig venues and fulfilling musicians’ wildest dreams, he can be found gingerly tending to his beard, maintaining a chilled and charming exterior, and ravishing the entire Spunk! roster and Trail of Dead back-catalogs. Will work for a song.

Glenn Dickie

A&R Manager

The most popular guy in the room. Partly because he’s spinning great tunes, partly because he’ll get you signed if you do too. Glenn is a Melbourne native and industry veteran who is guaranteed to know everyone you’ve ever met – and furthermore has probably taken them on tour. During work hours he attends gigs. In his spare time he skateboards and… attends more gigs. We’re yet to find a way to make him frown.