The Count & Sinden – Mega Mega Mega Minimix Download

Here’s a heavy jolt of adrenaline for your drowsy Monday morning…

London overstimulation-experts / dancehall-techno-afrobeat duo The Count & Sinden have released a minimix of their upcoming debut album MEGA MEGA MEGA on

As the album title suggests, there is nothing subtle about The Count & Sinden’s tunes… 4 minutes of a minimix and I’m already bouncing off the walls. If you remember the #1 UK dance track Beeper, you know what you’re in for… (hit me on my beeper, hit me on my beeper, beeper-beeper-beeper-beeper, hit me on my beeper, etc…)

So perhaps keep the minimix for today, and take the album for a proper spin on an ‘enhanced’ hedonistic Saturday night when it arrives in Australia on August 20.

1. Do You Really Want It – ft. Trackademicks
2. After Dark – ft. Mystery Jets
3. Desert Rhythm
4. Hardcore Girls – ft. Rye Rye
5. Roll Out – ft. 77 Klash
6. Elephant 1234
7. Hold Me – ft. Katy B
8. Mega
9. Addicted To You – ft. Bashy
10. Panther
11. Llamamé – ft. Coolio Iglesias
12. You Make Me Feel So Good

Follow The Count (@hervespace) & Sinden (@gsinden) on Twitter and give the current single MEGA a whirl.

It is indeed, MEGA.