Find Out About Automobile Insurance in New Jersey

This is a precondition that you acquire no-fault coverage for your vehicle in NJ however you have a decision to make in terms of the organization by which you buy your insurance from. Getting the proper information about New Jersey auto insurance to assist you in the preparation process of finding the right insurance. Listed here are some questions that are frequently asked in reference to New Jersey Auto insurance.

Why Must I Buy Auto Insurance?

New Jersey law says you have to purchase a no-fault form of insurance. If you are hurt in an accident your policy can now pay all of your medical bills as well as throughout your recovery. You may even be eligible to receive paychecks from your insurance company in place of you not being able to work. This can happen for no more than three years in a row. If you are hurt badly, it could mean you will have a lot of money coming to you for many years. This general precaution is one of the best reasons to have any kind of auto insurance.

What happens if I don’t buy it?

If you have a car and you or someone else drives it yet you have no insurance you may be have to pay for all of the damages and injuries that were caused because of the accident. You may very well have to serve jail time and pay significant fines for up to $500. The court may in fact decide to suspend your license as well. So not only could you go to jail but you would have to pay fines and would not have a driver’s license. You must have proof if you are ever pulled over.

What kind of info should I ask for when I am going to get a new policy?

Customer service is a big part of why you should go with one company over another. This goes for customer service over the phone as well as their rates and premiums. If you are at any time unhappy with the answers you are being given you are under no obligation to continue your relationship with this company. You want to make sure you both are on the same page so there is not a dispute that hits you later on. Make sure you ask any question that you see fit.

Under no circumstances should you drive without insurance in any state, including New Jersey.