Grab your 360 “Please Be Seated” Mixtape!

A short while back, we very proudly announced our partnership with Soulmate Records… and today we taste the first fruit of those endeavors.

The incredible Please Be Seated mixtape by 360 features his original electro-infused-Aussie-hip-hop take on tracks by MGMT, Justice, Lisa Mitchell, Broken Bells, Tinie Tempah, B.o.B, and Ellie Goulding. Who would have predicted that Lisa Mitchell’s Coin Laundry could be mixed into a scathing (though ultimately foot-tappingly-addictive) critique on treatment of war veterans and homelessness!?

The Please Be Seated mixtape is filled with all types of these unpredictable gems – and you can download all six tracks from now now now for free free free.

Tracklisting is below:

  • Electric Feel – 360 x Justice x MGMT
  • Do You Have A Dollar? (Coin Laundry) – 360 x Lisa Mitchell
  • The Ghost Inside ft Pez – 360 x Broken Bells
  • Starry Eyed – 360 x Ellie Goulding x Jakwob
  • Pass Out – 360 x Tinie Tempah
  • Nothing To Lose – 360 x B.o.B

Please Be Seated is a precursor to 360’s Falling and Flying album, which arrives very soon. In the meanwhile, follow 360 on twitter and kick back with a beer.