Lightspeed Champion giving away new album tracks – starting out with an Elvis cover!

Whilst at Avatar Studios recording his upcoming album Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You, Lightspeed Champion (AKA Dev Hynes of the Test Icicles ) recorded live versions of several tracks – which he’ll be be making available for you to download over the next four weeks.

In classic Lightspeed style the kickoff is an unexpected corker, a cover of Elvis’ Devil In Disguise – featuring the studio admin staff and whoever else wanted in – to celebrate Elvis’ 75th birthday. To get your live version of Devil In Disguise, click the download button on the widget below, but over the next four weeks the remaining tracks will all be available for download from Domino’s Soundcloud page.

He explained: ‘Due to a popular band having leftover studio time at New York’s historic Avatar Studios, I had the opportunity of going into Studio A to record some music, Obviously I decided an Elvis song would be best. I got my friends from the band Spacecamp down and together we recorded an “almost” live version of Devil In Disguise with the help of whoever was in the building that felt like singing… including the receptionist.